AI Technology built to deliver actionable insights

Aicel’s NLP engine is built to deliver actionable insights and help customers answer complex questions

Natural Language Processing Engine

Our natural language processing engine performs NLU based entity resolution, relationship extraction, event identification from millions of textual data points daily and transforms them into a structured formatenriched with actionable signals such as saliency, sentiment, risks, etc.

Built specifically for the capital market, our NER and NEL models are trained and optimized in a way most suitable for investors and are enhanced via knowledge-based technologies continuously expanding through machine-learned and self-procured data.

How it Works

Proprietary NLP engine built to extract insights and signals from unstructured data
such as news, social media, corporate filings and transcripts.

Our technology enables us to see how data from news, social media, and other unstructured texts affect various brands, products,
services, companies, and people by embedding them into a structured format.
What alternative data are you seeking?
We offer a one-stop solution for the Korean market from research, data productization, data delivery, and compliance.

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