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Alternative data for Alpha Generation in Korea

Consumer transaction, trade, machine-readable news, sentiment analysis, and more

Data coverage

Our core technology and partnership ecosystem enables us to provide wide range of product offerings
- from structured data such as trade, consumer transaction to machine readable news and text sentiment analysis.

Consumer transaction

S. Korea consumer transaction data tracks the number of daily card transactions of major retailers, consumer brands, technology and e-commerce companies.


S. Korea trade data tracks all export and import activities of companies, organizations, and individuals.

Duty-free Stores

DFS sales data provides access to consumer spendings in S. Korean duty-free stores at a brand and company level.

Machine-readable News

Provides advanced news service for automating the consumption and systematic analysis of news in S. Korea.

News Sentiment

Designed for systematic investors, Aicel provides best-in class news data with event categorization, saliency, and sentiment scoring.


Our wide range of data sourcing capability enables us to conduct projects tailored to meet the customer’s needs.

Why do market leading corporations
choose Aicel?

Aicel ensures Unique, accurate, and reliable data for Korean Market.

Multiple sources

We provide a variety of data, including public sources, proprietary data from partners, and unique data processed with AI technology.

Flexible delivery options

We support flexible delivery options including cloud API, FTP, Amazon S3 and other customized delivery methods.


Our legal team and partnered law firms review legal and compliance risks on every dataset published on our platform.

Powerful data, simple access

Gain access to our platform and explore our expanding list of alternative data products.


We'll process and deliver it according to your request. By default, we have ticker mapped for listed companies and categorized data according to time series.


Secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) is a method of transferring data using flat files. For bulk data transfers, SFTP might be the better choice for your business.


An application programming interface (API) allows apps or services to interact with one another. For real-time data flow, an API might be the best option.
What alternative data are you seeking?
We offer a one-stop solution for the Korean market from research, data productization, data delivery, and compliance.

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