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Supply-chain risk monitoring

We have built systematic process for managing supply chain risk exposures, threats, and vulnerabilities throughout the supply chain. Risks are always exposed to unexpected geo-political conflicts, natural disasters, and facility delays including those due to global pandemics.

Key signals to prevent these risks can be often captured from millions of unstructured documents. Our core NLP technology enables customers to monitor risks through generating warning signals from unstructured text data.
Automakers feel chip crisis easing as global growth slows
After almost two years of chip shortages automakers are getting enough semiconductors to produce at full capacity.

The global semiconductors shortage that has troubled the auto industry for almost two years is showing signs of easing, at least for now.

Mecedes Benz, Daimler Truck Holding, and BMW are among automakers now getting enough of the high-tech components to produce at full capacity after experiencing crippling outages for months.

The breakthrough comes earlier than the companies predicted and marks a bright spot for an industry facing a deteriorating economy and inflation while managinf an historic transition to electric-vehicle production.

Manufacturers are cheering the chip-supply improvement but are not declaring victory yet.

“We are still monitoring it week to week, but up to now basically worldwide, we had no issues running production,” said Joerg Burzer, Mercedes’s head of production and supply-chain management. Supply issues occur “here and there,” he said, “but nothing compared to what it was like last year.”

Even as demand for cars boomed, automakers have had to curtail output as plants globally could not source enough chips critical for increasingly computerized vehicles.

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Aicel ensures Unique, accurate, and reliable data for Korean Market.

Multiple sources

We provide a variety of data, including public sources, proprietary data from partners, and unique data processed with AI technology.

Flexible delivery options

We support flexible delivery options including cloud API, FTP, Amazon S3 and other customized delivery methods.


Our legal team and partnered law firms review legal and compliance risks on every dataset published on our platform.
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We'll process and deliver it according to your request. By default, we have ticker mapped for listed companies and categorized data according to time series.


Secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) is a method of transferring data using flat files. For bulk data transfers, SFTP might be the better choice for your business.


An application programming interface (API) allows apps or services to interact with one another. For real-time data flow, an API might be the best option.

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