Privacy Policy

Aicel Technologies Inc. (‘Aicel’, ‘we’, ‘us’, or ‘our’) collects, uses and provides the user’s personal information that the user agrees to provide with, and we actively guarantee the user’s individual rights (the right to control its own personal information).

This privacy policy describes guidelines that Aicel is required to comply with in order to protect the user’s private personal information so that ensure safe, secure service environment.

This Privacy Policy is applied to Aicel Services (‘Aicel’ or ‘the Services’).

Personal Information Collection

  1. We collect the following categories of information, only a minimal amount of personal information required to provide with our Services.
    ① Required Fields: Email address (ID), Name, Password, Company name
    ② Device information (Operating System, Device ID, Device Model Name), IP address, cookies, visiting information, service usage records and improper usage records may be generated and collected during service use.
  2. We use the following methods to collect personal information.
    ① Personal information is collected when the user agrees to the collection of personal information and submits the information in signing up for or using the Services
    ② Personal information may be collected via the website, email, or phone, during communications made for customer support

Use of Collected Personal Information

  1. Personal information use is strictly limited to the purpose of managing membership, development, providing and enhancing services, and building a safe Internet user environment in relation to Aicel and all other Aicel-related services, as described below.
    ① To verify membership, confirm the user’s intent to sign up, and prevent account fraud
    ② To develop new services, enhance existing services, handle inquiries and complaints, and provide notices
    ③ To prevent and sanction against actions (e.g. ID theft and account fraud) that interfere with the service operation
    ④ To create a service environment that ensure protection of privacy and build better services based on the analysis of service usage records, frequency of access, and statistics on service use

Provision of Personal Information

  1. We do not provide personal information to any third party without your consent, unless demanded by applicable laws.

Destruction of Personal Information

  1. We strictly destroy personal information immediately after you withdraw membership.
  2. However, personal information may be stored safely for a designated period afterward, if we obtain separate consent from the user to store the personal information for a certain period, or if we are required by law to store the information for a specified period.
  3. Personal information is immediately destroyed to an un-restorable state once the purpose of collecting and storing personal information is fully served, which includes the user’s membership cancellation, service termination, and/or expiration of the personal information storage period that was approved by the user.
  4. Personal information stored under the law is immediately destroyed to an un-restorable state once the storage period is expired.
  5. Personal information stored in electronic form is safely deleted using a technical approach to prevent it from being restored or regenerated while written information is shredded or incinerated.
  6. Furthermore, we separately store or delete the personal information of our members who have not used the Services for one year or longer in accordance with the expiration system of personal information.


  1. Cookies are used to support a faster and more convenient use of websites and to provide customized services.
  2. A cookie is a small text file that that is stored on the user’s computer, mobile phone, or any other internet enabled device when the user visits a website.
  3. We use cookies to deliver customized, personalized services. Cookies allow the website server to analyze the information on services such as customized user preferences and interests.
  4. Cookies do not collect personally identifiable information including the user’s name or phone number; and users have the right of choice regarding cookies, and by setting options in the web browser, they can allow all cookies, check whenever they are stored, or reject all cookies from being saved. Provided, however, when a user rejects the storage of a cookie, then the user may have some difficulties in using a service.

Chief Privacy Officer

  1. We have designated the following person as the Chief Privacy Officer. He/she remains responsible for responding to Aicel user inquiries regarding personal information and resolving any related complaints.
  2. Chief Officer: Sooah Kang (

Obligation to Notify Prior to Amendment

  1. Users will be notified of any addition, deletion, and/or modification in this Privacy Policy through notification at least seven (7) days prior to the scheduled amendment.
  2. However, notifications for amendments that affect significant rights of users, including changes to the collected personal information or to the purpose of using such information, will be filed at least thirty (30) days prior to the scheduled amendment. In such cases, the consent of users may be obtained once more upon necessity.
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