Korean Consumer Goods: The Emergence in the U.S. Market

Korean Consumer Goods: The Emergence in the U.S. Market
I kyung Park
Jun 28, 2024


  • The consumer goods sector has seen a re-rating due to undervalued stock prices and strong export performance.
  • Key export items include food products like instant noodles and skincare cosmetics.
  • T&L (340570:KQ) shows a significant increase in exports to the U.S., driven by their success on Amazon.

Changes in Leading Stocks and Market Environment

The strength of export-oriented items within the consumer goods sector, which have shown a surprising performance after the second quarter of this year, stands out. Undervalued stock prices and export, a growth engine, have led to the re-rating of the entire consumer goods export sector. Investors who are expecting the spread of the rally of export stocks expect the sustainability of the export momentum and are interested in the Korean export and import data of Aicel Technologies.

market cap of Samyang Food and Silicon2

Products Captivating the U.S. Market

Food products such as instant noodles, frozen gimbap, and corn dogs continue to export at a steadily growing rate. Moreover, in the cosmetics and beauty sectors, export data for items like skincare cosmetics, including face mask packs, home beauty devices, and pimple patches, are drawing attention. These export growths are due to Korean products predominantly entering American retailers.

According to the Financial Times, Walmart has moved the display location of Shin Ramyun from the Asian corner to the main corner. This can be seen as a significant event, as Korean ramyun has been recognized as mainstream rather than being placed in a niche market labeled 'Asian food.' In addition, most American retailers are operating e-commerce, greatly enhancing accessibility to Korean products compared to offline.

S.Korea Monthly Consumer Goods Exports to US

Aicel Technologies' Trade Data – Insights into Company Performance

The Korean Customs Service manages import and export data on a HS code basis. Aicel Technologies provides data that can check the flow of imports and exports of HS codes by region. Investors can preview the export revenues of each company based on the export data in the areas where plants, headquarters, and offices are located using our data. For instance, by analyzing the export data of T&L (340570:KQ), which supplies Mighty Patch to the U.S, we can see that exports to the U.S are continually increasing following their achievement of becoming the best seller in the skincare patch section on Amazon.

T&L - Aicel Revenue Tracker

Conclusion: Strong Export Performance Driving Market Re-rating

This analysis highlights the impressive performance of the Korean consumer goods sector driven by robust exports and strategic product placements in the U.S. market. All data in this analysis is sourced from Aicel Technologies, providing diverse investment insights and enabling continuous strategic evaluations.

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